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Better flies mean a better shot at a trophy fish. Better vision means better flies. Enjoy many hours of tying without eyestrain or frustration. Leading tiers say that it is simply the best lighting and magnifying system available, bar none.

The large 5" rimless magnifier with its superior depth of field may reduce eyestrain by as much as 90%. You can set it with confidence... it will not drift or sag.



Made to flexibly meet your needs, the Giraffe™ comes as a floor lamp, table lamp or with several options for mounting on your own bench. It is compatible with any tying vise or system.

The Giraffe™ is available with a full spectrum Chromalux™ bulb which closely simulates natural daylight allowing you to tie flies under the conditions in which they will be used.

Here is our standard ISO96 lamp and magnifier system installed in the Deluxe Oak tying bench "ISO96DB" - the perfect combination for the discriminating fly tyer.


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